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This program  is optimized to run on Microsoft Excel 2007.  Some quality may be lost in other versions.

Description of                                    

This report begins with a description of interventions already in place  and/or new interventions with starting date.  Look for changes in performance as a response to the intervention. (In this sample report, the data collected will be baseline—no intervention implemented.)

This graph shows  how much of each day has NO BEHAVIORS.

The HIGHER the bars the better!

These graphs show points earned in each of the four behavioral objectives. Again, the higher the line  the better!

BONUS POINTS is a chart of extra effort in each behavioral objective.

The DAY of the WEEK graph averages points earned each weekday.

This chart lists points earned each day and calculates weekly percent average.

The End of the Day program tracks four behavioral objectives.  Teacher and student meet at a scheduled time at the end of the day. They discuss how the day went and review strategies.

This program allows you to print a data collection sheet. These unique paper data collection sheets may be stapled together to form a week long paper chart. (Instructions are included in the program). Data may be entered into the computer and,  after three weeks, a report similar to the one below will be generated. (also, there are reports for weeks 1-6 and 1-9)

Data entry in this program is simple...score four objectives on a scale of 1-5 at the end of the day.


Use this program:

      1.  to analyze behavior based on four behavioral objectives

      2.  as an Intervention to review and teach behavioral strategies

      3.  to progress monitor Response to Intervention

                  (NOTE: One copy of this program is needed for each targeted student.)

Below is a sample  three week report.