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This program  is optimized to run on Microsoft Excel 2007.  Some quality may be lost in other versions.

Description of                                    

The report begins with basic demographic information.


This graph shows overall weekly performance. Ms Hernandez chose to grade Tyler’s overall performance each day and averaged the scores at the end of the week..

This section refers to Tyler’s first objective—to Complete homework. The first graph charts the weekly percent of homework done. The second graph allows easy comparison of work done (solid area) and work assigned (red line). The gap between the two is work NOT done.

This section refers to Tyler’s second objective—Work quietly. Notice the objective average—73% and the chart showing actual points entered each week.

This program gives you the best of high & low tech! Use the old paper-and-pencil method all week and enter only the weekly totals. Spend less time at the computer. Forms are included to help you organize the data before entering into the computer. The printout highlights different objectives for each student as needed (see below).  This makes it easy to enter data in the correct box!

For teachers who must monitor behavioral performance for many students, this is the answer to your prayers. Just attach reports to your students’ report cards each quarter...thank me later!

Use this program:

      1.  to performance monitor student objectives

      2.  to track performance of your whole class in one place!

      3.  to spend less time entering data. Track students on paper (once an hour,  

           once a day, or at the end of the week). Summarize and enter totals at the

           End of the Week.


The report below is a sample 9 week report.

Additional sheets will print if the student has more objectives.

This is a sample of one of the printouts available for this program.

This teacher has identified only six objectives for her students. Not all students have behavioral objectives, but she scores everyone each week on overall performance.

In this way, she monitors behavior for ALL of her students.

These yellow boxes appear only if a student has behavioral objectives.

Completing this form at the End of the Week is so quick and easy...

Remember, IDEA states that we must monitor (and document) a student if behaviors impede the learning of the student or the learning of others.

Paper printout: