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This program  is optimized to run on Microsoft Excel 2007.  Some quality may be lost in other versions.

Description of                                    

First, the target behavior is described.

Next, the Interventions put in place are described.

Finally, there is a description of the student’s response to the interventions put in place.

This is one of the oldest tools for collecting data on a behavior. But this old tool takes on a new look with this program. Check out the report below.

Simply count the behaviors for ten days, apply an intervention. After a few weeks count behaviors again. Compare. It doesn’t get any easier…

And, the program walks you through it!

Use this program:

      1.  when counting to see how often a behavior occurs

      2.  to establish baseline before applying an intervention

      3.  to establish criteria for rewarding success

                 (NOTE: One copy of this program is needed for each targeted student.)

Below is a sample report.

Some basic baseline data is reported and the graph shows the number of times the target behavior was reported each day—both Baseline and Post Intervention.

Post Intervention data is listed to compare with Baseline.

Behaviors are graphed by day of the week.

The Scatterplot graph shows the overall trend over the 4 week period.