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This program  is optimized to run on Microsoft Excel 2007.  Some quality may be lost in other versions.

Description of                                    

The first graph shows the average percent of points earned each day. Suspensions, absences and no school are also charted. Weekend days are included to help delineate each week. The red Goal Line can be changed.

Next, the average percent of points earned for each of the four behavioral objective are graphed.

This graph shows performance in each class.

The chart shows the average percent of points earned for each behavior in each class.

Bonus points are tallied by objective and graphed by class.

The final graph shows average points earned for each day of the week.

Check-in Check-out is an Intervention. Search on-line for details & instructions.

Students check in with staff at the start of the day and check out at the end. They give the teacher their point sheet at the beginning of class and pick it up at the end. Rewards are based on points earned. The process is actually rather formal and complex in its design, but quite simple in its execution. This program will process the data gathered on one student. There are a variety of point sheets to choose from including one that self-graphs, and one that is a little book! The Data Entry page looks like the point sheet. This program is simple to use. Try it out!

Use this program:

      1.  as a behavioral Intervention

      2.  to involve student (and family) in improving behavior & tracking goals

      3.  to establish criteria for rewarding success

                 (NOTE: One copy of this program is needed for each targeted student.)

Below is a sample three week report.