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This program† is optimized to run on Microsoft Excel 2007.† Some quality may be lost in other versions.

Description of †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

This report begins with demographic information. It then goes into a description of the childí behavior including positive attributes.


Next is a graph of overall performance as reported once a week.† Percentages are given for comparison of first and last three weeks.

This box describes what has been tried already and how the student responded to previous interventions.

Next, each of the three new interventions chosen is described and the studentís performance is graphed. Each week the teacher makes a short comment on performance on each objective. These comments are compiled and reported under ďTeacher CommentsĒ.

I once had a teacher tell me she understood Response To Intervention (RTI) for Reading & Math but had no clue how to report RTI for behavior. Some teachers donít understand that their classroom management system is only the first intervention.

This program walks you through RTI for behavior. It even helps you choose interventions! The process is organized into painless baby steps so there is NO excuse to keep avoiding the issue. RTI is a professional specialized process for helping kids. Use RTI because it works!!

Use this program:

††††† 1.† to describe past and present behavioral interventions

††††† 2.† to analyze a studentís response to behavioral interventions

††††† 3.† as a resource list of Interventions and ideas that work!

†††††††††††††††† (NOTE: One copy of this program is needed for each targeted student.)

Six week report:

Page One

Page Two

Page two continues the descriptions of the next two interventions using a consistent format so the reader can easily follow along.

Finally, the performance over the six week assessment period is summarized.

Data collection printout:

This printout covers two weeks of data collection.

You may use other data collection systems and simply summarize here.

Enter a score for each Intervention and one for overall performance on the target objective.

Then, write quick comments on the studentís response to each intervention.

This should take you 2-5 minutes each week.

(Those of you who insist that you have no time for data collection will have a hard time arguing this one!!!)

Text Box: One Week