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TrackingBehavior.orgText Box: “This kid already takes all of my time! I don’t have any more time to give!”
Think of how much time you would have if the behaviors disappeared! Spend a little time collecting data so you can apply interventions that pinpoint and specifically target the causes of the behavior. Change things that WE can control and watch the behaviors fade away.
Spend a little time on change—it’s worth the investment!

Education has evolved.

Decisions—both academic and behavioral—are data-driven. Classroom teachers are using data to develop Behavior Intervention Plans, to design interventions, and to Progress Monitor. In this site you will find TOOLS (FREE and inexpensive) that simplify behavioral data collection, analysis, and reporting. 

All products from TrackingBehavior (and in my tpt store) were designed, written, and produced by me and me alone! Feel free to write me with comments (encouragements), suggestions, and/or problems.


I have begun writing (and illustrating) little stories that address social skill needs of behaviorally challenged kids. They touch on issues such as how to join in play with other children, how to interrupt an adult conversation, dealing with mistakes, personal space, and many more.

These come in book form (two sizes), are custom illustrated, and include a variety of support materials.   

Teachers in my district have created a Little Library of these books in their “time out” space. Children spend their time out trying to find (and read) the Little Book that deals with the behavior that got them there!                           


Please stop by often as I will be updating content and modifying/adding programs & forms.                                        


Try out the programs on this site. They’re free!



October 11, 2015


The new school year is underway!

Be sure to check my store on TeachersPayTeachers.com  now and then to see what’s new (Or, sign up as a follower to get email notice of my new products).

I will be doing a presentation this  October at the National Association of Social Workers conference in Lansing, MI. I will be co-presenting with Social Worker Maria Donner from Max Larsen Elementary in Coldwater, MI. Stop by and say “Hi!”.

Feel free to send an email with questions or comments. Your input is very welcome!

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